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Join us on November 30th for our Giving Tuesday fundraiser!

Giving Tuesday: DN13 and DN14

Join us for our Giving Tuesday fundraiser on Tuesday, November 30th! We’ll be celebrating with chats on our Decorah North, Decorah Eagles, and Flyway channels, and John and Amy will make special appearances on each channel to talk over the year and answer your questions. Thank so much for your care and support: every gift to RRP in any amount powers the streams we bring you every day! Mississippi Flyway Giving Tuesday Chat: 10:30am to 2:00pm @ Updates and

Your Friday night nestflix: Decorah North, Decorah, the Flyway, and GSB!

November 18, 2021: Eagles on the Flyway. It is a great time to watch them - we are seeing so many eagles and swans right now!

Happy Fri-yay, everyone! Grab your snacks and drinks and get ready for the weekend with our Friday night raptor mega-roll. At Decorah North, DNF and Mr. North respond to an influx of visitors and work on this year’s penthouse addition, while white-footed mice throw a rocking harvest party in the after-dark nest! In Decorah, Mom keeps us crossing our talons with repeated sightings in and around the hatchery. C’mon Mom and DM2 – N2B and the new starter nest at

Eagle airmail: postcards from D27 and D36!

Eagle cluster map: D1, D14, Four, D24, D25, D35, and D36

Where are D27 and D36? D27 flew back to the Decorah area following a very short visit to Canada in July and August. After spending a month or so near Decorah, she moved about 16 miles south to Postville: not far from Eagle Road north of Clermont! The area is incised with small tributaries of the Turkey River and filled with feedlot operations. She appears to have plenty of food and we’re sure she has plenty of company…which appears to

Getting ready: Fall nestorations!

Annual Daylight Length, Decorah IA

Why are eagle couples in Decorah working on their nests right now? Among non-tropical birds, many activities (reproduction, molt, migration) are linked to daylight length. We’ve primarily discussed the photosensitive period of bird life here, when daylight lengthens, gonads start swelling, and human watchers start counting the days until eggs are laid. However, birds also have a photorefractory period that in many northern birds begins slightly prior to summer solstice in mid-June. Gonads start shrinking, a new hormonal regime takes

November 5, 2021: Raptor Movie Mega-Roll! Is that…Mom and DM2?

November 5, 2021: Mom and DM2 on the Skyway at 5:18 PM CDT

Kick up your feet and grab the last of the Halloween candy – we have your Friday night raptor mega-roll! It was a beautiful day for nestorations and squirrel al fresco today! DNF and Mr. North brought in 11 sticks and one grass delivery today: a light day after yesterday’s heavy lifting, while we saw Mom and DM2 eating squirrels today! Mom enjoyed her squirrel on the pond perch at noon, while DM2 flew into N2B with a squirrel! After

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