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Learning with The Eagles of Decorah: Nest Building

N2B on January 6, 2020

RRP Director John Howe discusses the N2B rebuild, eagle nest needs, building materials and building techniques, and nest growth. Our next T.E.D talk will take place on April 3, 2020, at 1:30 PM CDT. You can watch it via our website at or at’s website at:

March 19, 2020: Nestflix and a reflection

March 19, 2020: DNF at Decorah North

I’m looking out my window at the spring rain, which reflects my mood quite well. Today is dreary, yet I remain hopeful for sunny skies and better times ahead. New life lurks just below the thawing soil. Migratory birds are finding our feeders. Our local goldfinches are turning bright gold, thrilling me with their fierce and beautiful vitality. What have birds done for me? Every day, they brighten my spirits. They fill me with wonder at their beauty and fascinate

RRP is opening Educational Chat

March 16, 2020: Chat announcement

Given the number of schools that are closing or closed, the Raptor Resource Project has decided to open its Educational Chat. We invite teachers and parents to join us for free online learning at Looking for lesson plans? We have those at, along with lesson video libraries and some coloring books. Educational chat is open from 8-11 am and 1-3 pm CDT. Chat still requires login, so you’ll need to get a chatroll account or login via Facebook

March 16, 2020: Videos from Decorah and Decorah North, Odds and Ends

March 15, 2020: DM2 in Decorah

Things are tough all over, but you – our volunteers, our watchers, our supporters, our friends – mean the world to us! Thank you for watching, caring, learning, and sharing! Spring is just around the corner, hatch is almost here, and migration is underway. Sweet Eagle Dreams and Big Eagle Hugs to everyone – we will get through this. And in the meantime, we have your NestFlix! Decorah Eagles Our Eagles – Long time watchers will remember this short,

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