What are HM and HD up to?

By John Howe

Many of you have been wondering what HM and HD have been up to. Earlier this season they were spending plenty of time in the new nest we referred to as N5. We have not been able to see details of how that nest was doing, but we at believed that they laid eggs and were in incubation mode. In recent weeks, we noticed that they have been perched together for longer periods outside the nest and that means they can’t be incubating eggs at N5.

In the past week they have perched and roosted in N1 above the geese and started building another nest just North of the creek. Wow – HM and HD really like to build nests! We welcome them back a bit closer to the hatchery and will be keeping our eyes and cams on their progress. To the best of our knowledge this is HM and HD. We have included a few nest photos and a short video clip of them perched and working on the nest.