March 20, 2019: A postcard from D27!

03/18/19: D27's Travel Map

D27’s Latest Travel Map

It looks like D27 has decided to join the eagle party on the Mississippi River! She left Decorah on March 13 and flew NNW out to the Bluffton area, not far from Bob’s old farmstead and falcon breeding barns, before heading east to the Mississippi river. She is currently spending time on the Minnesota Slough just east of New Albin, Iowa. This area is rich in food resources and quite close to one of our falcon sites. We can’t help but hope that we get a glimpse of her on the Flyway cam if she decides to take the Big River north for a while! Stay safe, D27! We wish you the best wherever the wind and your wings take you!

To explore the travels of all of the eagles we’ve tracked, visit our interactive maps at A million thanks to Brett Mandernack and the staff of Eagle Valley for sharing their data, maps, and expertise with all of us!