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How much weight can a bald eagle carry?

November 6, 2019: Mr. North and the stick

On November 4th of 2015, photographer Alex Lamine photographed the female bald eagle at Berry College carrying a very large stick, which she dropped. That stick turned out to be 12 pounds! On November 6 of 2019, Mr. North dropped a stick of unknown weight, although it was clearly more than he could lift from the ground: https://youtu.be/x0Cb6S79Kz4. And on February 12 of 2020, DM2 pole-vaulted into the nest with a stick that looked more like a small tree! How

Eagle Eyes!

Human Eye versus Eagle Eye

Has anyone ever called you eagle-eyed? Relative to humans, bald eagles have larger, sharper eyes that see further, collect more details, and produce stereoscopic vision to greatly improve depth perception. A bald eagle’s visual acuity begins with its eye size and shape. Dad’s somewhat tubular eyes occupy over 50% of the volume of his skull, as compared with less than 5% in us spherically-eyed human types.  He can voluntarily adjust the curvature of his large cornea and lens (we’re restricted