March 21, 2024: News and NestFlix from around our nests!

Tick-tock hatch clock! We’re starting hatch watch at Decorah North tomorrow! If you’d like a peek inside the egg right now, follow this link: We believe Trempealeau will begin hatch around April 4 and Fort St. Vrain will begin hatch around April 10, so we’ll have plenty of eaglets to watch! We’re pretty excited to compare nests, nestlings, and parenting styles across three states this year: Mr. North and DNF in Iowa, Ma and Pa FSV in Colorado, and Mr. and Mrs. T in Wisconsin.

RRP volunteers noticed that DNF seemed more restless than usual today and was looking at and listening to her eggs. Start at 1:58 in the video below for a look at this behavior. She also appears to be softly vocalizing, although I can’t hear her over everybirdy in the background!

Love them or hate them, Canada Geese are nesting in N1 and N2B this year! The geese in N1 have six eggs and appear to be done with laying, while the geese in N2B started laying on March 19. Their first egg rolled out of the nest, but she laid a second one today: Is Bob laughing, excited, or rolling his eyes in the Great Beyond? I wish I knew!

Peregrine Falcon Lisa was still at Great Spirit Bluff yesterday, but we didn’t see her today. An unbanded female showed up and Newman wowed her with food gifts: We don’t know where Lisa went, but we’ll keep an eye out for her. Spring has sprung – even though a major snowstorm is heading this way! – and we’re eagerly awaiting the first Peregrine Falcon eggs at our nests.