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Eaglet Growth and Development: Week One

Day four: Let the beak battling begin!

We’re writing a series of blogs about the first few weeks of an eaglet’s life. An eaglet spends roughly 75 to 80 days in the nest. For about the first half, it grows and gains weight. For about the second half, it grows flight feathers and starts developing the skills it will need post-fledge. We will focus on week one in this blog. What can we expect in the first week following hatching? Like humans and other animals, growing nestlings

Bald eagle tongues and beaks!

April 5, 2019: An eagle's tongue

This blog was first published in April of 2018. It was inspired by RRP Director John Howe, who was reviewing footage of Mom and Dad feeding eaglets and was delighted by the dexterity of their beaks and tongues. Skip down to the paragraph below the table for more information on feeding eaglets! We know that bird beaks are specialized for feeding and daily tasks. Birds of prey have strong, curved beaks with sharp edges to help them tear meat. Falcons

Peek inside a bald eagle egg: 24 days!

Development of an avian embryo

This blog was first published on March 23, 2017. We reposted it to give everyone a peek inside the eggs. As of this writing, there are two eagle eggs in Decorah. We’re not sure whether the oldest or second oldest egg cracked, but we do know that the youngest is about 24.5 days old, the middle is 29 days old, and the oldest is 32 days old. What do embyronic eagles look they look like as they develop and grow

March 26: Nest news and Nestflix round-up!

March 26: Mom settles over the eggs

The Xcel Fort Saint Vrain eagles hatched their first egg last night at 9:43 PM MT! We start hatch watch in Decorah North on March 30th and hatch watch in Decorah on March 31st – although keep in mind that hatch could start a little earlier or a little later. We don’t know which egg broke in Decorah, so that could impact hatch timing as well. Once we have a pip, we’ll let everyone know! We’re also looking for an

First hatch at Fort St. Vrain!

March 25, 2019: Hatch at Fort Saint Vrain

Congratulations to the Xcel Energy Fort St. Vrain eagles! The first hatch of 2019 occurred last night at 9:43 MT – 40 days, 1 hour, and 3 minutes after the first egg was laid! Hatch often occurs within a short period of time at this nest, so we could have another one today or tonight! Watch here: or here:

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