Lead poisoned Eagle

We got a call on Sunday from Reg Sampson, owner of Sampson Springs Campground (http://bit.ly/1ZSYr2Q) near Decorah Iowa, about a downed eagle. Reg and RRP Board member Dave Kester were both able to get the eagle, which Dave described as ‘feisty’, into a kennel for transport to SOAR on Monday. Despite a long drive in very bad weather, she got to SOAR safely and is currently being treated for lead exposure. According to SOAR, ‘Sampson’s’ blood lead level registered at “HI” on their diagnostic equipment, which means that her blood lead level is greater than 0.65 parts per million. You can read more about Sampson on SOAR’s website: http://soarraptors.org/pa…/winneshiek-co-bald-eagle-sampson/

We talk about hunting and fishing with lead-free non-toxic ammo and tackle. It is my experience that hunters and fishers are very receptive to non-toxic loads and tackle, but many people remain unaware of the problem. SOAR has been working on this issue for a very long time and has excellent resources on their website: http://soarraptors.org/hunt-and-fish-lead-free/. If you want to address this issue through advocacy, one-on-one conversation, policy, or law, you need to understand and be able to talk about it. Sherri Elliott found this excellent article about the man who sounded the public health warning on lead contamination of wild game:  http://ca.audubon.org/news/man-who-sounded-alarm-about-lead-ammunition-and-public-health.

If you tweet or facebook, check out Clarke Armory – they specialize in non-toxic ammo and run ‘flash sales’ for those looking for a discount. http://on.fb.me/1PSM01HThank you so much to Reg and Laurie Sampson, Dave Kester, and Linette for eagle spotting, rescue, and transport. If Sampson survives, it will be because of your intervention and SOAR’s treatment.

We’ve had questions about who this eagle is. We know she isn’t Mom Decorah, but she isn’t banded so we have no information beyond that.