DN9 moves to the eaglet nursery

Thanks to SOAR for allowing us to share this story! Visit their website at www.soarraptors.org

DN9 was moved to the eaglet nursery on 17 June 2019. DN9 joins D33 and the Allamakee eaglet. DN9 has gained 1.5 pounds in 10 days and still needs to gain weight. The initial beak depth measurement says ‘boy,’ but Kay is thinking that DN9 is a female based on the amount of weight to be gained and that this eaglet is not done growing.

While faithful nest-watchers were able to identify D33 from D32 while in the nest… Kay says that many eaglets in a flight room start to look alike! Fingernail polish has been painted on a specific talon on DN9 – left inside talon is teal. Over time, the nail polish will wear off.

D33 has a right talon painted and Allamakee has no painted talons.
June 19, 2019: D33's painted talon

Those of us viewing photos of the nursery may never see the colored talons, but Kay will be able to use these references to give us details into progress for each youngster.