D32 Update

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Kay assisted Drs. Riordan and Struve with surgery to straighten and stabilize D32’s right tibiotarsus. The stabilization had to be from the outside (external) as both veterinarians agreed that there was no way to attach anything to the tiny piece of bone next to the joint. D32 did have an open owie near the break and a very tiny corner of bone was exposed. The leg was not stinky or pussy. The owie (boo-boo, cut, I don’t know I didn’t see it) was cleaned, the bone straightened… then covered with an antibiotic pad and the leg “casted” in such a way to stabilize the bone but not be so tight as to reduce circulation to the toes. D32 will be in this cast for four weeks, then an x-ray check to determine if the two pieces of bone are forming a good union. All the veterinarians consulted on this think this is a long-shot, but a long-shot they were willing to take.

Now D32 needs to be kept calm, comfortable, and provided with cut-up food as standing on food to rip and tear is not something s/he needs to be doing now.

Now we wait.

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