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June 13, 2022: NestFlix and News from Decorah and Decorah North!

June 7, 2022: The new Decorah eagles on an early summer morning. She's at left and he's at right.

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled NestFlix! While we’ve been monitoring our peregrine falcon sites, the Decorah North eagles have been busy learning to fly and practicing landings, and the new Decorah Eagles have been working on N1. We’re still waiting for DN16 to fledge, although it shouldn’t be too long now, especially with DN15’s inspirational flights! I loved all of these videos, but I especially enjoyed the hilarious fish-a-palooza – watch out for your toes, Mr. North! – and

Your mega-raptor (and Canada Goose!) Nestflix Wednesday Matinee!

May 4, 2022: We love cuddle puddles! DN16 left and DN15, right. It's been fun to watch them play and explore their clown clomper feet and growing wings and tails.

As promised: your mega-raptor (and Canada Goose!) Nestflix Wednesday Matinee! DN15 and DN16 turn 39 and 38 days old today and are up to tweagle shenanigans: E-gulping fish, Eagle Kneiveling around the nest, practicing their Eagleibrium, and holding Flappathons as they explore their rapidly growing wings! It won’t be long before our two teen pterodactyls turn into sleek young fledglings, but there are plenty of Eagleicious Delicious moments to enjoy before that happens. Look for walking skills and balance to

NestFlix and News: Decorah and Decorah North

April 17, 2022: DN15 slumbers blissfully away in the North nest

Sorry, everyone – it has been a very busy week and I’m behind on the NestFlix! Read on to catch up on the latest news: new eagles in Decorah, rapidly growing eaglets at Decorah North, and Mother Goose and her eggs (we’re still looking for hatch on the 25th!). Thank you so much for watching, sharing, learning, and especially for caring! What a wild, interesting year it has been. Cross your fingers for all of our birds! Decorah North Eagles

Decorah North Eaglet Update and NestFlix!

April 13, 2022: DN15 and DN16. When did they get so big?

It’s been a busy few days at the North nest! DN15 and DN16 turned 19 and 18 days old today. What’s fueling their incredible growth rates? We’ve watched Mr. North and DNF stuff skunk, rabbit, duck, placenta, squirrel, trout, sucker, and many unidentified bits of meat into hungry eaglet mouths. The eaglets’ footpads and talons have grown and changed color, their grey thermal down is rapidly overtaking their fluffy white natal down, and the two of them are lunging at

Monday Morning North Milestones and Eaglet Movie Marathon!

Sibling love! DN15 (right) gives DN16 an adorable wing hug.

We have your Monday morning North milestones and movie marathon! The Decorah North eaglets turn 16 and 15 days old today. While the wet, chilly weather put a damper on nestploration in their second week, we thrilled to several milestones, including a first fish tail (DN15), a first pellet cast (after the fish tail), emerging thermal down, and huge cropzillas on both eaglets! Pellet Casting Why is pellet casting a big deal? Eagle parents feed their hatchlings ‘baby food’ –

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