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November 9, 2021: NestFlix and News!

November 9, 2021: The trees of Eagle Island looked like Christmas trees...if bald eagles were Christmas ornaments!

We have your night-time NestFlix! At Decorah North, DNF and Mr. North are busy with nestorations. Nest-building is a big part of pair bonding, but Mr. North wasn’t quite ready to give up his fish to DNF this morning – or welcome visitors to the North nest. On the Flyway, two American white pelicans photobomb five adult bald eagles! Look for bufflehead ducks in the background. Thank you so much for watching, sharing, learning, and especially for caring! I hope

November 5, 2021: Raptor Movie Mega-Roll! Is that…Mom and DM2?

November 5, 2021: Mom and DM2 on the Skyway at 5:18 PM CDT

Kick up your feet and grab the last of the Halloween candy – we have your Friday night raptor mega-roll! It was a beautiful day for nestorations and squirrel al fresco today! DNF and Mr. North brought in 11 sticks and one grass delivery today: a light day after yesterday’s heavy lifting, while we saw Mom and DM2 eating squirrels today! Mom enjoyed her squirrel on the pond perch at noon, while DM2 flew into N2B with a squirrel! After

Monday NestFlix Movie Matinee!

October 30, 2021: Mr. North

We have your Monday Nestflix movie matinee! Nest work is kicking into high gear at Decorah North as DNF puts everything she has into getting a stick placed just so! We also get to see an opossum and a pileated woodpecker at Decorah North, and cedar waxwings at Great Spirit Bluff. This is a great time of year to watch swans and eagles on the Flyway. How many eagles can you count on Eagle Island? I counted 30 and more

October 27, 2021: Nestorations and eagle antics at the North Nest and on the Mississippi Flyway!

October 26, 2021: DNF scrapes in the nest

We have your NestFlix! Nestorations are well underway at the North nest as Mr. North delivered the season’s first cornstalk this morning, although a lot of today’s excitement involved new arrivals! Our camera operators reported at least five juvenile and subadult eagles passing through the Valley of the Norths – and for every eagle we see, there are almost certainly more that we don’t. For the most part, DNF and Mr. North ignored them, although nobirdy is going to take

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