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NestFlix and News From Decorah North, Decorah, and the Flyway!

July 25, 2022: DN15 on the babysitting branch at the North Nest

Today DN15 turns 123 days old and DN16 turns 122 days old. How much longer will it be before they disperse? To date, we’ve tracked eight Decorah eagles with satellite transmitters: D1 beginning in 2011, D14 beginning in 2012, Four beginning in 2014, siblings D24 and D25 beginning in 2016, D27 beginning in 2017, and siblings D35 and D36 beginning in 2020. While a few of them did things their own way, most of them stayed within a mile of

News and NestFlix from Decorah and Decorah North

July 4, 2022: A Red-Winged Blackbird dives and sits on DN16

What’s going on at DNN and Decorah? At Decorah North, DN15 turns 101 days old and DN16 turns 100 days old. As hard as it is to believe, DN15 has been on the wing for 24 days – almost a month! – and DN16 has been on the wing for 16 days. Both of them are becoming strong, proficient flyers, although the place, be it log, nest, or branch, still looks like a wrestling ring every time DNF or Mr.

Decorah North: The eaglets’ great adventure begins!

June 20, 2022: DN15 and DN16

DN15 and DN16 are doing well and beginning to explore their little world together! The log they are perching on is a fallen box elder tree that we cut up a few years back, removing limbs and trunking it so we could see further into the pasture. It’s fascinating to see the two using it as a home base for their initial explorations: it gets them off the ground, gives their ratcheting raptor toes something to grab, and sticks out

June 13, 2022: NestFlix and News from Decorah and Decorah North!

June 7, 2022: The new Decorah eagles on an early summer morning. She's at left and he's at right.

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled NestFlix! While we’ve been monitoring our peregrine falcon sites, the Decorah North eagles have been busy learning to fly and practicing landings, and the new Decorah Eagles have been working on N1. We’re still waiting for DN16 to fledge, although it shouldn’t be too long now, especially with DN15’s inspirational flights! I loved all of these videos, but I especially enjoyed the hilarious fish-a-palooza – watch out for your toes, Mr. North! – and

Your mega-raptor (and Canada Goose!) Nestflix Wednesday Matinee!

May 4, 2022: We love cuddle puddles! DN16 left and DN15, right. It's been fun to watch them play and explore their clown clomper feet and growing wings and tails.

As promised: your mega-raptor (and Canada Goose!) Nestflix Wednesday Matinee! DN15 and DN16 turn 39 and 38 days old today and are up to tweagle shenanigans: E-gulping fish, Eagle Kneiveling around the nest, practicing their Eagleibrium, and holding Flappathons as they explore their rapidly growing wings! It won’t be long before our two teen pterodactyls turn into sleek young fledglings, but there are plenty of Eagleicious Delicious moments to enjoy before that happens. Look for walking skills and balance to

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