Problem at the North Nest

As North nest watchers probably know, DN18 swallowed fishing line that appears to have come in with a sucker fish that DNF brought to the nest on April 24. We’ve been monitoring it closely to see if it could clear the line by pulling it out or casting a pellet. The eaglet is eating and behaving normally, but it hasn’t yet managed to remove the line.

Eagles eat a lot of indigestible stuff, including sharp bones, and we were hoping DN18 would clear the line and any possible tackle on its own. Since it hasn’t, we’re considering our options, which include seeing if we can get a lift to the nest or going up the tree via rope or spikes. Whatever we do has to be quick and safe since we don’t want to accidentally injure DN17 in the process: one of the reasons we’ve stuck to monitoring so far. Weather is also a factor, since DNF and Mr. North will not approach the nest while anyone is in it or for some time afterwards. The eaglets are old enough to thermoregulate, but not to withstand cold, slashing rain. We’ve got a lot to consider and we’re trying to make the best decision for everyone in the North eagle family. We don’t take that decision lightly.

We’ll keep everyone posted.