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Where are Golden Eagles 733, 834, and 833?

Golden Eagle head study.

The Raptor Resource Project is conducting a study on Golden Eagles (GOEA) to answer questions about their winter and summer grounds, migration route timing and fidelity, the familial ties among Golden Eagles wintering in our region, levels of lead and mercury, and the presence of HPAI antibodies. Does lead exert an influence on Golden Eagle populations? Have they been exposed to HPAI? What are their specific habitat requirements? While Western and Eastern Golden Eagles have undergone extensive research, there remains

Where are golden Eagles 733 and 834?

Where are Golden Eagles 733 and 834? The Raptor Resource Project is researching wintering Golden Eagles in the Driftless Area to learn more about their movement on their winter and summer ranges, including potential nest locations, seasonal migration patterns and timing, and route fidelity. The sun reached 23.5 degrees north – its northernmost location – on the solstice yesterday. It was still 1,366 miles south of Decorah, which enjoyed 15.24 hours of daylight and 8.76 hours of night, including civil

January 26, 2023: Our first Golden Eagle of the season!

January 26, 2023: Dave Kester and a subadult Golden Eagle. Jeff Worrell caught our first GOEA of this season.

Jeff Worrell and the rest of our Golden Eagle trapping team caught an eagle today! I loved our banding master’s response so much that I had to share these photos. We’ll post more information tomorrow. From David Kester: “It was a big day for Jeff Worrell and Brett Mandernack, RRP’s golden eagle project leads. There is a small population of golden eagles that winter in the Driftless/Coulee region. We place GPS solar-powered transmitters on them and track them to see

Postcards from our Bald and Golden Eagles!

Bald Eagle D36's map on Monday, October 24, 2022.

Where are D36, D27, and Golden Eagle (GOEA) 733? 733 was our big mover last week, flying 576 miles south in just six days! She spent October 17th and 18th flying 302 miles south from western Ontario down into northern Minnesota. On October 19th, she flew 126 miles southeast past Ely, Minnesota to the north shore of Lake Superior. She followed the shore down and around the big lake’s western tip at Duluth before dropping down through Wisconsin’s lake country

Hello, Eagles! Vacation postcards from D27, D36, and Golden Eagles

The eagles: Bald Eagle D36, a two-year old eagle from Decorah, is in NE Iowa. Bald Eagle D27, a five-year old eagle from Decorah, is in NW Ontario, up along the Ontario/Manitoba border. Golden Eagles 731 and 733, both captured north of La Crosse in Wisconsin's Driftless area, are up in the Southern Arctic Ecozone of Nunavut.

Where are D27, D36, and Golden Eagles 731 and 733? D27 and the two GOEA sent postcards from Canada and Nunavut, while D36 is still staycationing in northern Iowa! Their summers are looking something like this… D27 D27 is continuing her cool eagle summer up on the Hudson Plains. While the area is full of low-lying plains, rivers, and muskeg, she appears to be exploring a large coniferous forest region dotted with lakes…ideal territory for an eagle-cation! She is 827

Where are Golden Eagles 731 and 733?

May 2022: Golden Eagle 731 and 733

Where are Golden Eagles 731 and 733? You might remember that we posted about capturing two Golden Eagles and fitting them with transmitters in January and February – article here: and Golden Eagle information here: 731 is an adult female. She left her winter range in the Driftless north of La Crosse in late March and headed NNW to Nunavut, well north of any other eagle that we’ve tracked. Golden Eagles that winter in the central part of