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Thank you!

thank you from the Raptor Resource Project

A thanks from RRP Director John Howe and the Board It’s time to reflect on the past several weeks and the series of events that happened after our eaglets left their nests early. Now that all three eaglets have been found and are getting the care they need, we wanted to thank the people who generously donated their time and effort to make the rescue of D32, D33, and DN9 possible. We’d like to start with a big “Thank you!”

Recovering DN9

June 8, 2019: DN9

As we posted yesterday, DN9 is in the care of SOAR. We’ll provide more information when we have it, but I wanted to share this video. Although some watchers may find it disturbing, it gives a nice look at how Board member David Kester, a falconer and our master bander, assessed DN9. What is that thing on DN9’s head? DN9 is hooded. The hood does not touch its eyes, does not interfere with breathing, and helps keep DN9 calm during


June 7, 2019: Dave Kester recovers DN9

We know that you are all anxiously awaiting news, and we’re no different as we wait for progress reports from our many wonderful volunteers and supporting agencies. Here’s what we know: At Decorah North … Our cams reverted to highlights this morning as we tried to troubleshoot and do what we could to find a fix for our PTZ nest cams there. The efforts were unsuccessful and will result in a site visit, and unfortunately, that will have to wait

Update on DN9

June 6, 2019: DN9 on the ground

Since DN9 fell from the nest tree this morning, we have been monitoring from the cams and from the ground. Our eaglet spent much of the day beneath the nest tree and in the pasture. DN9 doesn’t appear to have injured its wings or legs and is mobile, although it hasn’t flown since reaching the ground. DNF and Mr. North are perched nearby and actively defending DN9. At this point we do not know to what extent flies have affected

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