April 19: Hatch watch at N2B, speckled goose visiting N1!

April 19, 2024: A leucistic Canada goose at N1
April 19, 2024: A leucistic Canada goose at N1.

The specked goose we’ve been seeing at N1 has an unusual and beautiful pattern of feathers on her head. Her striking looks are the result of leucism, a partial loss of pigmentation that causes white coloration, white patches, spots, or splotches on skin or fur. She hasn’t yet laid an egg, but our camera operators are on the lookout for hatch at N2B. Spring is a busy time for birds and everyone who watches them! 🐣🐥🦅🪿

We’ve had some questions about the goose that laid an egg in N1 and disappeared. We suspect she didn’t have a mate but needed somewhere – anywhere! – to lay an egg. More here: https://www.raptorresource.org/2024/04/05/whats-up-with-the-geese-canada-geese-reproduction-and-conspecific-brood-parasitism/.