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Egg Colors and Shapes

eggs 175x175 - Egg Colors and Shapes

The Chicago Peregrine Program inspired me to write a quick blog on the colors and shapes of eggs. Bald eagles have white eggs, peregrine falcons have eggs that range from light cream through brick red, and red-tailed hawks have pale eggs that are lightly splotched with brown. How and why do the birds we watch lay differently-colored and shaped eggs? In general, female birds inherit egg colors and patterns from their female parents. Egg-shell is made primarily of calcium carbonate,

RRP is opening Educational Chat

March 16, 2020: Chat announcement

Given the number of schools that are closing or closed, the Raptor Resource Project has decided to open its Educational Chat. We invite teachers and parents to join us for free online learning at Looking for lesson plans? We have those at, along with lesson video libraries and some coloring books. Educational chat is open from 8-11 am and 1-3 pm CDT. Chat still requires login, so you’ll need to get a chatroll account or login via Facebook

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan: Labeling

The Raptor Resource Project is proud to announce a new website with lesson plans written by teachers, for teachers, at no cost to teachers! Visit to access our plans and a video library. Thanks to Lori Carnes, Deb Ripple, Emily Neal, and Meg Storkamp for their hard work and dedication. We’ll be adding more plans and welcome feedback on the website or the plans themselves. Please email Amy Ries at [email protected] with comments, questions, or suggestions.