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Nestflix at Decorah and Decorah North

Decorah Eagles on December 13, 2018

Time to chill with some Nestflix! In Decorah, we get amazing views of Mom, a sticky dance (this is a very fun video!), and a shared meal with an interesting UFO. At Decorah North, we get a wonderfully cool slow-motion fly-out and a very nice look at everyday nest life in a winter wonderland. We hope you like these videos as much as we did! Decorah Eagles 12/13/18: Gorgeous Mom Decorah – Wow! A must-see for all Super-Mom fans.

Will Mom Lay Eggs? When Will Mom Lay Eggs? Your Questions, Answered!

Decorah Mom and the first egg of 2017

We’re getting a lot of questions about Mom Decorah and eggs. When will she lay eggs? Will she lay three eggs again? We don’t want to count Mom’s eggs before she lays them, but we have some answers (and some speculation) to your questions! Will a new mate equal later eggs? Let’s start by taking a look at Mom’s egg laying history… As the table above shows, Mom’s first egg (that we have a date for, since she laid eggs

Decorah, Decorah North, and Flyway video round-up!

UME-2 and his stick pony!

What a Tuesday! The warm weather had Mom and UME-2 piling N2B high with stick after cornhusk after stick. Why do we see them some days and not others during this time of the year? Part of an eagle’s adaptation to cold weather involves saving energy, so they often hunker down in sheltered spots and minimize activity during cold weather. But on a nice sunny day with warm weather…look out for those sticks! Also, do not miss UME-2 briefly riding

Mom and UME-2

Mom and UME-2

We asked our lead Decorah Eagles Chat and Facebook mods for their favorite methods of telling Mom and UME-2 apart. I don’t know about all of you, but I sometimes struggle with it, especially at a distance. I compiled their feedback into the image below. A few of them also added vocals (UME-2 has softer vocals than Mom), and Sherri mentioned UME-2’s long, zig-zaggy collar, large feet, and very long middle toe – something I hadn’t noticed! Jfrancl mentioned both

Eagles and Cold Weather

Mom and Dad in an April snowstorm, 2011

We get a lot of questions about bald eagles and cold weather. I’ve written a few posts on the subject and wanted to combine them ,Unique body features and changes in physiology and behavior help bald eagles maximize energy gain, minimize energy loss, and incubate eggs in cold temperatures. To maximize gain, eagles forage in groups, gorge food, and increase the assimilation of ingested food energy. To minimize loss, they become sedentary, seek protective microclimates, and reduce night-time body temperature.

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