2018 Memory Lane Moment #8: Mrs. North incubates through heavy snow!

While Mom and Dad Decorah brooded eaglets through a heavy snowstorm, Mrs. North incubated the eggs from her second clutch. Watchers were amazed and inspired by her devotion and skilled care. While she sometimes got up to shake off the snow that at one point buried her neck deep, her eggs remained warm, dry, and well-cared for.

Our tears at the Decorah nest were followed by triumphs, but that was not the case at the North nest this year. Sherri Elliott wrote: “The most difficult time for us was coming to grips with the loss of The North’s only egg. We were overjoyed to see them continue nestorating after taking a few days off, and then to witness multiple copulations and the miraculous second clutch of two eggs. How devastating again to only have one short week into their world before they perished. We witnessed Mr. North’s heroic attempts to care for them and his panicked vocals when they were in their worst distress on that last day. His deep parental devotion was keenly on display. Many wondered why Mrs. did not come in, but she was on the Yonder Branch later in the afternoon, and there is no question she knew what happened. The following morning was especially poignant seeing Mrs. come into the nest to move the eaglets while Mr. North did a direct flyover above and through the nest with the unique rainbow arc’s and orbs present in the early am light.”

The two snowstorm videos can be watched here:
Only Mom’s Head Pokes Through Snow: https://youtu.be/TcAD17xNMqw
Buried under snow: https://youtu.be/b31CGUi3ElY