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Coyotes and Coyote Vocalizations: A guest blog by Janet Kessler of Coyote Yipps!

Two coyote siblings hang out together. Photo by Janet Kessler.

Followers were so fascinated by the coyotes singing near the North Nest that I invited Janet Kessler, a coyote expert from San Francisco, to do a guest blog on them. You can learn more about her here and subscribe to her blog, Coyote Yipps, here: https://coyoteyipps.com/. Thanks for taking the time to do this, Janet – I learned a lot! Thank you so much for sharing your live-cam video with me with the amazing coyote howls off-camera in the background!

Eagles and Coyotes and Harriers, Oh My!

December 13, 2021: A Northern Harrier

Eagles and coyotes and harriers, oh my! Winter has finally arrived and the solstice is almost here. As the ice begins to thicken, coyotes step out on to the Mississippi river. The ice is easier to travel than the underbrush next to the river and is, in the middle of a highly populated area, quite remote. Coyotes can move around, access new food resources, travel relatively unbothered, and chase Northern harriers in broad daylight. Mr. North and DNF are deep