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Eagle pool party, thieving squirrels, and Sandhill cranes!

December 9, 2019: A subadult at the North Nest

A kettle is a collective term for a group of migrating raptors, but what should we call a group of eagles on the ground? The terms ‘Collective’ and ‘Council’ don’t really fit the rowdy pool party antics of the eagles we saw at the North nest today. A squabble? A quarrel? A crush? Whatever you call it, they were fascinating to watch. Feel free to give your naming suggestions below! We also watched a brave squirrel thief filching nest materials

Nestflix from Decorah and the Diction-aerie word of the day!

November 19, 2019: Mom and DM2

Today’s diction-aerie word of the day: beddreagled, or an eagle’s raggedy, storm-blown look following bad weather. Mom and DM2 looked pretty beddreagled on N2B this morning as they nestorated and bonded! Mom also showed us her sticky obsession and Nest Depot purchases as the eagles made nest improvements. Egg-laying might be three months away, but it’s time to start getting the nursery ready now! Thanks to our camera operators and videomakers for finding and sharing special moments in the nest;