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Who is Mom’s beau? It’s DM2!

October 17, 2019: DM2

Like a lot of you, we’ve spent the past couple of weeks trying to figure out who Mom Decorah is spending time with. He looked like DM2. He acted like DM2. But was he really DM2? We got confirmation on October 19 when one of our camera operators got up close and personal with his left iris and captured his distinctive fleck! This mark, combined with distinctive head and facial features and his behavior with Mom around the nest, allows

Your questions, answered: When will DM2 start feeding?

04/06/19: DM2 and feeding

I asked our moderators for their top questions of the day. You wanted to know: ‘When will DM2 start feeding his young?’. This is our answer.  Note: The morning after this blog was written, D32 did his first feeding! You can watch that here: https://youtu.be/FhMf1CCJtBs It is interesting and sometimes nerve-wracking to watch what is most likely a brand-new eagle father after years of watching Dad, who had eagle fatherhood down. We’re going to talk about what DM2 is doing first: