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April 5, 2019: News and Nestflix!

Day one: sitting up and feeding

Let’s start with a nest round-up! We have one eaglet in Decorah and are waiting for hatch on the second egg. D32 has a healthy appetite and has been working on its feeding and food coma skills today! DM2 hasn’t fed his nestling eaglet yet, but he has brought in fish and done his share of brooding (when Mom allowed it). We have one eaglet at Decorah North. In case you missed the announcement, DN10 did not make it past

D32 Hatches!

04/04/19: D32 hatches!

Houston, we have an eagle! D32 hatched today at 6:54 PM CDT. Welcome to the world, little eaglet! We’ll post hatch videos as we get them! April 4, 2019 DM2 wants to say goodnight! https://youtu.be/zm1_qKka2YY Hatch! https://youtu.be/5zHyyClxglc https://youtu.be/Id2eaTJ8uE0 Quick look at the pip: https://youtu.be/aZeMns97x9U Larger pip view: https://youtu.be/b5nawarzRYU Moving egg tooth is visible: https://youtu.be/m8AoPw8UTVg A quick look at pip: https://youtu.be/Tvbr9XjKyVY April 3, 2019 4/03/19: Pip is visible on egg: https://youtu.be/8nNrMm9FBos

DN10 has arrived at Decorah North!

April 1, 2019: DN10 hatches!

-By John Howe It is finally official! After glimpses of white fluff cresting the nest cup grass berm earlier today, we confirmed hatch at 6:32 PM Central Time with a great look at precious DN10 out of its shell and ready for food! Congratulations Mr. North and DNF! We are so happy to have witnessed this milestone for Mr. North and DNF – the successful hatch of both eggs at the new North Nest! You can see the beak of

First Hatch at Decorah North!

March 31, 2019: Hatch at Decorah North!

We have confirmed hatch at Decorah North! Mr. North and DNF kept their hatchling and egg under lock and seal on a chilly, brisk day at the North Nest. But they gave us a glimpse – a brief, brief glimpse of a fluffy eaglet – not too long ago (hatch confirmation time of 6:01 PM CT)! What a year, what an adventure, and how thankful we feel to see our North eagle family produce another generation! Congratulations to Mr. North

March 26: Nest news and Nestflix round-up!

March 26: Mom settles over the eggs

The Xcel Fort Saint Vrain eagles hatched their first egg last night at 9:43 PM MT! We start hatch watch in Decorah North on March 30th and hatch watch in Decorah on March 31st – although keep in mind that hatch could start a little earlier or a little later. We don’t know which egg broke in Decorah, so that could impact hatch timing as well. Once we have a pip, we’ll let everyone know! We’re also looking for an

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