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Egg #2 at the North Nest!

4.15.18: Two eggs at the North Nest

Mrs. North delivered another egg during the snowstorm this afternoon! She flew into the nest at 12:58, changed places with Mr. North, and laid the egg shortly afterwards with not much egg labor noticed. The final push came at 1:16 CDT, and our first sight of the egg came at 1:17CDT. Given the weather, we got just a glimpse of it before she covered it back up. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. North! I sure wish we could get Bob’s

Late night hatch for D31!

2018: D31 hatches!

D31 hatched last night at 11:44 PM CDT! If you didn’t see it, we have video here: Welcome to the World, D31: https://youtu.be/-GR8rwENcRw and https://youtu.be/gEu4b2rjdXo D31 wants out! https://youtu.be/xQp4tlsqVUc Do I spy D31? https://youtu.be/O7C1vVLoggY Better keep that shellmet, D31 – you might need it with D29 and D30 in the nest! Here’s an early look at all three eaglets this morning: https://youtu.be/_o6-qN648VQ

D30 hatches!

2018: D30, the second hatch in Decorah

You could have knocked us over with a feather when a fully dry D30 briefly popped its head up during evening feeding time! Mom and Dad kept the lid sealed pretty tightly today, so we are not sure when D30 hatched. We’ll be looking through footage to see if we can determine a hatch time, but in the meantime – welcome to the world, D30! Welcome 2 The World, D30! https://youtu.be/vz3tU39bkh0 Welcome, D30! https://youtu.be/DkopA_p-ivU ÉCLOSION DU DEUXIÈME AIGLON: https://youtu.be/di2OhZDsw-A Mom laid her first

Another pip in Decorah, falcon eggs, first-egg fundraiser!

2018: Pip in egg #2 in Decorah!

Our sharp-eyed mods and watchers spotted a pip in the second egg at Decorah this morning! Video here (and don’t miss D29 biting Mom’s feathers): https://youtu.be/vWGr_DJdhws The spring egg flood is here, with eggs at Great Spirit Bluff, Dairyland Power Genoa, US Bank La Crosse (this nest can be watched from a monitor in the bank’s lobby), Great River Energy, and Bay State Milling! We’re still waiting for first eggs at Xcel Energy’s King plant and we hope to have Xcel

First hatch in Decorah!

D29 hatching @ 7:25AM CDT

Welcome to the world, D29! Decorah’s first 2018 eaglet hatched this morning at 7:25 CDT. Congratulations to Mom and Dad Decorah, and a million thanks to our excellent camera operators and moderators for sharing the egg-citement this morning. Squeeee! Videos First chick hatches: https://youtu.be/YfCvnyC1zyM First look at hatching D29: https://youtu.be/8PEkZIeTSPE April 1st: Welcome, D29! https://youtu.be/zYs7lwSTloo Dad Telling The World D29 Is Here! Happy Hatch Day 4/1/18: https://youtu.be/00Cy80K-91c

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