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April 5, 2019: News and Nestflix!

Day one: sitting up and feeding

Let’s start with a nest round-up! We have one eaglet in Decorah and are waiting for hatch on the second egg. D32 has a healthy appetite and has been working on its feeding and food coma skills today! DM2 hasn’t fed his nestling eaglet yet, but he has brought in fish and done his share of brooding (when Mom allowed it). We have one eaglet at Decorah North. In case you missed the announcement, DN10 did not make it past

March 26: Nest news and Nestflix round-up!

March 26: Mom settles over the eggs

The Xcel Fort Saint Vrain eagles hatched their first egg last night at 9:43 PM MT! We start hatch watch in Decorah North on March 30th and hatch watch in Decorah on March 31st – although keep in mind that hatch could start a little earlier or a little later. We don’t know which egg broke in Decorah, so that could impact hatch timing as well. Once we have a pip, we’ll let everyone know! We’re also looking for an

Tick-tock hatch clock! When can we expect hatch?

03/17/19: Eggs at N2B

Here are our best guesstimates on hatch dates at our nests in Decorah and at Xcel Energy Fort St. Vrain. Please remember that all of these could happen a little earlier or a little later than forecast, so keep an eye on our nests, our website, Explore’s website, or wherever you watch the eagles! In Decorah Mom laid her first egg on February 22nd. While we suspect it was the egg that broke, we can’t be sure. Since Mom has

Egg #2 at the North Nest!

4.15.18: Two eggs at the North Nest

Mrs. North delivered another egg during the snowstorm this afternoon! She flew into the nest at 12:58, changed places with Mr. North, and laid the egg shortly afterwards with not much egg labor noticed. The final push came at 1:16 CDT, and our first sight of the egg came at 1:17CDT. Given the weather, we got just a glimpse of it before she covered it back up. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. North! I sure wish we could get Bob’s

Late night hatch for D31!

2018: D31 hatches!

D31 hatched last night at 11:44 PM CDT! If you didn’t see it, we have video here: Welcome to the World, D31: https://youtu.be/-GR8rwENcRw and https://youtu.be/gEu4b2rjdXo D31 wants out! https://youtu.be/xQp4tlsqVUc Do I spy D31? https://youtu.be/O7C1vVLoggY Better keep that shellmet, D31 – you might need it with D29 and D30 in the nest! Here’s an early look at all three eaglets this morning: https://youtu.be/_o6-qN648VQ

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