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Could HD or HM be one of Mom and Dad’s offspring?

HD (left) and HM (right). HD stands for 'Hatchery Dad' and HM stands for 'Hatchery Mom'. We could change the nomenclature, but that is what we are using now. We can clearly see the ID cues mentioned in previous pictures: HD's smaller beak, guyliner, cere markings, and whiter head, and HM's larger beak, and flatter, darker head. She is also much larger and has a small circular mark on the right side of her face. Glogdog: "Since HM is larger, her folded flight feathers fold lower near her tail's end, and HD's flight feathers fold shorter near the tail tip." A fantastic ID tip for ID'ing them from behind!

Could HD or HM be one of Mom and Dad’s offspring? Mom and Dad’s oldest eaglet turned 14 years old this spring. Since bald eagles tend to nest in the region they were born, it’s possible that at least one of them was produced by Dad and OM, or Dad and Mom. But male and female eagles have slightly different nesting dispersal patterns, which makes male HD the more likely offspring choice. Natal dispersal in birds is defined as the