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Eagle ID: How do you tell HM and HD apart?

HM! She lacks HD's cere markings, has a much larger beak, darker head feather vanes, a flatter head (possibly due to her larger supraorbital ridge) and looks like Mom! H/T to Talon, Tulsa, Glogdog, Pyrmum, and Pelmomma.

How do you tell HM and HD apart? If, like me, you sometimes struggle to ID who you are watching, our camera operators and moderators have some great tips! If you are still catching up on the saga of Mom, DM2, HD (Hatchery Dad), and HM (Hatchery Mom), you aren’t alone! We bought an even bigger Confusion Couch after our swaying cottonwood turned into a Tilt-A-Whirl this year. Some links: Mom, Dad, DM2, HD, HM, the nests, and the territories!