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D27 visits!

September 19, 2019: D27's map

D27 visited her home territory! On September 12th, we tracked her to just a couple hundred feet from N2B. We’ve seen several subadult eagles since we started working, but we missed her. As Brett noted “D-27 continues to stay fairly close to her natal area, shifting often.” Stay safe, D27 – we hope to see you soon! A thousand thanks to Brett Mandernack and the staff of Eagle Valley for sharing their knowledge, maps, and expertise with us. If you’d

Postcards from eaglets D27 and D24!

June 25, 2019: D27's map

Two eagles sent postcards this week! D27 is up in northwest Ontario near Sachigo Lake, about 725 miles from her natal nest. And after months of silence, D24 finally phoned home! He is located up near the Minnesota/Ontario border, about 348 miles north of his natal nest. This is the first time we have been able to document him away from NE IA since his northern excursion 2 years ago. Where will they go next? Stay tuned – and please,

D27’s latest map!

June 17, 2019: D27's latest map

D27 started her spring migration on May 20, leaving a spot on the Upper Iowa river about 10 miles northeast of her natal nest and flying north! Between May 20 and the afternoon of June 4, she flew an incredible 683 miles, ending up in northwestern Ontario near last year’s summer range. Her longest continuous flight took place on June 3rd, when she flew 135.9 miles in 20.97 hours, yielding an average speed of 6.4 miles per hour. She also

D27 Heads North!

D27: April 23, 2019

For the last several weeks, we’ve been wondering when (and whether) D27 would head north. In 2018, she started showing migratory restlessness around April 25. She wandered around NE Iowa, making a few trips back and forth to the Decorah area before beginning her spring migration on May 8. But in 2019, her migratory restlessness didn’t begin until early May. She finally headed north on May 12, although her first long jump didn’t happen until May 20. Once she decided

May 8, 2019: Where is D27?


Where is D27? She is currently spending time near Frankville, Iowa. How does that compare with last year? In 2018, D27 left the Decorah area on April 25 and flew north and east, reaching the Mississippi River on May 4th. She turned north along the Big Muddy, crossing it not far from Great Spirit Bluff, and continued north-northeast through Wisconsin until she reached Cable, where she hung a west turn. After a brief sojourn not far from Pine City, MN,

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