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RRP 2022 Calendars!

Image for 2022 Decorah Eagles Calendar

We have your Director’s Cut Raptor Resource Project 2022 calendars! Follow this link to view and buy Decorah Eagle, Decorah North Eagle, Great Spirit Bluff, and Mississippi Flyway calendars: https://bit.ly/3Jm9iBm. The word ‘Lulu’ does not appear on the calendar – the website images are watermarked by Lulu to keep people from making unauthorized use of them.

New merchandise!

An eaglet in the North nest

Just in time for the holidays, we added a few new things to our store and we’ll have calendars out soon! To see some of the new items – I’ll be adding more all through this week and next week – go to https://www.zazzle.com/store/rrp_gifts_and_more. We have a new Decorah north ornament selection called ‘A Year of Wonderment’ (North nesties will recognize the phrase) and Decorah north greeting cards themed around the Farmer’s Almanac names of the moon. Look for Mississippi

We have your Decorah Eagles, Decorah North Eagles, Flyway, and GSB gifts!

Decorah Eagles Mug

Looking for some Decorah Eagle, Decorah North Eagle, Mississippi Flyway, or Great Spirit Bluff gifts? Check out our new store: https://www.zazzle.com/store/rrp_gifts_and_more. In addition to our merchandise, fan Sunset Dreamer designed some beautiful mugs and Christmas ornaments, with more to come before Thanksgiving! We hope you like them! Are these products made in the US? Zazzle has three California locations, including their headquarters in Redwood City, one Nevada location, and one location in Cork, Ireland. The Cork location is the only