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Oh poop shoot! What is bird poop and how do birds poop?

April 16, 2024: Mr. North, DN17, and DN18. It's hard to separate food and metabolic waste when they exit from the same place.

Oh poop shoot! After a long, wet morning snuggled under Mombrella and Poptent, DN17 and DN18 needed to let it fly! Wonderful moments like this inevitably lead to questions and comments like “What is bird poop?” and “Does bird poop stink?” and ‘Ewwww…where did I put those wet wipes?‘ So what is bird poop and how do birds poop? Defecation and Excretion If someone tells us their dog pooped, defecated, or excreted, we know that the dog dropped a solid.

Fourth and Fifth Egg for Mother Goose!

March 28, 2023: Mother Goose and her eggs.

And then there were four eggs! Mother Goose actually has five eggs now, but she laid her fourth on March 26. Note the poop! I’m wondering if it is intentional, or at least conditioned. Some birds – the Eurasian Hoopoe for example – deter predators by coating their eggs in an antimicrobial secretion that makes them smell rotten and inedible. We humans are extremely visual and struggle to see the scent-painted world that informs the umwelt of many animals around

Oh poop shoot!

April 16, 2018: Poop Shoot!

Oh poop shoot! As the eaglets get stronger and more coordinated, they begin to paint the nest and crib rails white with slices, splashes, and stripes of poop. But sometimes parents – DNF in this case – get in the way! DN16 does its very best to shoot poop out of the nest, but hits DNF instead. Wonderful moments like this inevitably lead to questions like “What is bird poop?” and “What do eagle Moms and Dads think about this?”.