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March 25, 2023: A third egg for Mother Goose!

March 25, 2023: Some of you love geese and some of you hate them. As someone who was chased by geese as a child, I understand why people don't like them! But MG is beautiful!

And then there were three! Mother Goose laid her third egg at 7:06 AM this morning. She laid six eggs between March 24 and April 1 last year and started full incubation on March 28. How many will she lay this year? Videos Mother Goose lays her 3rd egg: https://youtu.be/G5NX0MA3pK4 Goose lays egg #3 in abandoned eagle nest: https://youtu.be/ck5Z-wqs9Xk Mom Goose plucks down from her brood patch to help line the egg cup: https://youtu.be/VUn4bOQ26D8 (pretty cool and not something that