Remembering 2015, Part One: A Tribute to Bob

As the year comes to a close, we are going to take a look back at some special moments from 2015 and earlier. We are starting with a dedication to Bob, including some of his favorite footage, a blog he inspired, and a few videos celebrating his accomplishments. We hope you enjoy remembering some of these special moments!

D23 Hatches
I don’t remember where I was when Bob called to make sure I was watching D23 hatch. He was so proud of the spectacular footage he captured and he sent it to almost everyone he knew! A lovely memory.

Panning on Fledgling Eagle
Bob not only loved showing the eagles off, he was very interested in comparing blackflies in 2014 and 2015. Several of the mini-panning sessions in late May and early June of 2015 were Bob taking a quick blackfly check. A lovely example (and mostly blackfly free!):

June 15, 2015 – D21 returns
Until things went wrong, this was such a nice year compared to 2014. Better weather, few blackflies, and a lovely fledge. I think this video provides a wonderful look at life in the nest and shows Bob’s dedication to sharing the Decorah Eagles with the world. He felt the surcease they gave others very keenly in the last month of his own life.

Bob gave us a lot of wonderful closeups over the years. This scene from 2015 gives us a look at pinfeathers. In addition to the lovely close-up footage, pinfeather length can be used to age many nestlings, so the close-ups provided some very nice data given that we know the ages of D12, D22, and D23. Bob was very dedicated to online education and often chose to showcase small but significant details like these.
Owls versus Eagles
Remember early 2015, when we weren’t sure who would end up with the nest? Bob was fascinated by the possibilities and determined to live with the outcome. Eagle or owl nest, he was ready either way.
Bob was fascinated by the eagles’ preference for suckerfish when live and dead trout were readily available. He compared the suckerfish spawning run in the midwest to the salmon run in the northwest and talked about how eagles had been eating suckerfish for a very long time. Some footage from 2010: and a blog that Bob’s suckerfish comments inspired:

2011 Snowstorm
Who could forget this testimony to Mom and Dad’s dedication and ability? Bob shared it with all of us:

Remembering Bob

Bob’s Celebration of Life

Peregrine Falcons in the Mississippi River Valley