7-29-16: Day Trip to Decorah

Photo of Mom Decorah with D25Story, photo and video by Robin Brumm

It had been way too long since I’ve been able to get to Decorah, but I was finally able to go on Friday. The weather was supposed to have been partly sunny, but about half way to Decorah it started to rain.

When I drove up to the hatchery, Mom and Dad were on top of the maple tree. I didn’t see either juvie, but I could hear one squeeing. I took a few photos of Mom and Dad and then went to find the juvie. I drove up the road with my windows cracked open so I could hear the juvie, but not get too wet. I found him in the tree in the horse pasture.

I drove back over to the hatchery to keep an eye on Mom and Dad. After quite a while, Dad flew off the maple and flew behind the N1 tree. The juvie that was in the horse pasture tree, flew to the Y branch. I looked toward the N2B area, and saw 2 eagles flying over the trees to the north of the nest. It must have been Dad and one of the juvies because Mom was still on the maple and the other juvie was still on the Y branch.

After about half an hour, Dad flew back to the maple next to Mom. The juvie that was on the Y flew to the tree near the curve of the trail. It had stopped raining so, I walked over to take photos. It was sitting on the tip of a branch with wings dropped down. I think he was trying to dry out his wings. He took off after a bit, probably because Mom and Dad were ignoring him, and wouldn’t get him a fish! It started raining again, so I walked back toward my car. I noticed that D24 was on a branch above the Y, in the N1 tree. Mom was still on the maple but Dad must have employed his invisible stealth mode because he was gone, and I totally missed him leaving!

Shortly after I got back to my car, it stopped raining and a very vocal Juvie (that would be D25) flew into the maple next to Mom, who stayed long enough for me to get just a couple of photos … then, I swear she rolled her eyes at the squeeing D25, and took off to the N1 tree area. I could hear D24 juvie squeeing at her from where I was standing, and about a minute later she took off from the back of N1 tree and flew northeast … I’m pretty sure she was going to Walmart to get her nails.. ummm I mean talon’s done!

I walked over to N1 and took a few photos of D24. While I was there, I noticed that D24 would squee a bit, and then D25 would squee from the maple. They would squee back and forth every once in a while. I wish I could speak Juvie Eaglish so I knew what they were saying! I headed back toward the corner, when D25, who was on the maple, took off and flew around the trees by N2B He flew back over by the horse pasture and towards N1, which was when D24 took off and also flew back behind N1. I started to walk over toward the bridge to see if I could see anyone behind the N1 tree. I didn’t see anybirdy, so I walked over to look by N2B. All of a sudden, I saw one of the juvies fly toward thenortheast. I walked back toward my car to get out my lawn chair and sit for a while to see if the juvies came back.

After a little while, I saw someone had binoculars pointed toward the rocky outcrop on the bluff. I looked up, and both Juvies were sitting there. I think I heard a distance nah, nah, nah sound, lol (just kidding of course). They stayed there for quite a while, and then they both took off. I waited a bit longer and then decided I should head home, and of course, what do I see?? Both juveniles flying parallel to each other over the trees on the bluff. So, I got back out of my car and waited a few more minutes, lol. Pretty soon, D25 came flying in from the bluffs and landed on the maple. About 3 min. later, D24 came flying in and landed next to D25. They both stayed there for quite a while, and then they took off one right after the other.

I decided that I needed to leave before they came back, or I would have to book a hotel room for the night! As I left for home, I thought about the day. I met several people and directed them to the different nests, and to where the eagles were located. A couple of times during the day, as I sat in my lawn chair near the retention pond watching the juvies perched in the maple, people asked me where the nest was, and if I had seen the eagles, and I pointed to the maple tree where both were perched. I am always amazed that people can walk right under that tree and not see them … but then I remember how before I started watching the eagles, I never noticed birds and things in nature like I do now. I have become much more observant. I guess that’s another thing I can thank Bob for … If only he knew how much of a difference he really made in so many ways! <3

* Photo of Mom Decorah with D25 tops this story. Robin was in Decorah again today and will have another Day Trip story for you later in the week.

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Robin’s photos: http://robinbrumm.zenfolio.com/p73581207

Robin’s video: 7-29-16 – D25 & D25 on the bluff