May 8, 2019: Decorah and Decorah North Nestflix!

We didn’t enjoy today’s wet, windy weather, and neither did the eagles! D32 and D33 are 34 and 31 days old, while DN9 is 38 days old. All three eaglets have a thick coating of thermal down and are rapidly sprouting juvenile feathers, but still need Mombrellas and Poptents in cold, rainy weather. Eagle parents faced down the storm, eaglets did their best to shelter, and everyone got through the day! The weather is supposed to clear up and start getting warmer tomorrow – talons crossed!

We’re featuring the Decorah North eagles first in tonight’s video round-up. I loved all of these videos, but the North dual PS and the very tender scene between DNF and eaglet DN9 were my favorites. DNF and Mr. North take such good care of their eaglet! I also loved D32 and D33’s cornhusk tango in Decorah. ‘Playing house’ is an important developmental milestone as the eaglets learn to lift, move, and manipulate nesting materials. While this behavior appears to be instinctive, D32’s interest in the cornhusk attracts the attention and interest of D33 – a great example of how the eaglets imprint on and learn from one another even during instinctive play. We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we did!

Decorah North

5/08/19: Midnight Yoga – A weather front is moving in and the nest is rocking gently in the breeze. DNF gets up, does a little eagle yoga, and PS’s over the side of the nest. DN9 follows at 33 seconds (listen and you’ll hear it!). Take a look at DNF at about 55 seconds. Feather pantaloons? That looks like a feather dress! DNF moves back into the nest to stand sentinal by DN9.

5/7/29: Cute Interaction Between DNF & DN9 – It’s dusk and the frogs are singing. DNF comes into the nest and hovers over DN9, who nibbles her feathers at around 21 seconds, 38 seconds, and 56 seconds. At one minute, she nibbles gently back. Was DN9 allopreening or just gently begging for a little food? Either way, this is a cute and very relaxing video to watch and listen to!

05/07/19: DN9 Snags Fish From Mr & Feeding – With all that insistent screeing, you would think that DN9 never got fed! DN9 is sprouting an impressive feather cloak, primary feathers, and plushie-tushie tail, and its white natal down mohawk has nearly vanished! Not content with waiting for a meal from dad, DN9 snages the fish and gulps it down. Mr. North finds a few leftovers for his still hungry eaglet!

Decorah Eagles

5/08/19: Mom & Eaglets In The Rain, Cold & Wind – We’re supposed to get actual spring next week! We sure hope the weather forecast is correct! Mom does her best to protect D32 and D33 from the cold, wet weather! DM2 does his part by bringing in a fish. He begins to eat it, but Mom quickly walks over and teakettles at him. It’s cold, it’s windy, and she wants some fish! DM2 ignores her. She moves over to the side of the nest and gives him a little side eye. He ignores her. She flies up to the Skywalk and begs for food. He ignores her. At 3:18, she takes matters into her own talons, flying down off the Skywalk and pushing him aside. He gives up the fish and flies off! Mom takes it over to the hungry eaglets and feeds them before positioning herself to shield them as best she can. It isn’t easy in the wind, but she does a wonderful job getting into position. She briefly flies out about 10:34. At the end of the video, we see her braced and flattened against the wind, with the eaglets huddling underneath her.

5/07/19: Big wing stretches, corn husk play – D33 left, D32 right – and what a difference three days makes! The dynamic duo preen and stretch their wings. At about 2:04, D32 appears to consider a beak bonking battle, but instead turns its attention to nest materials! It picks up a large wad of shredded corn husks and shuffles across the nest with it! D32 drops it, rocks back and forth a bit, places a smaller clump pf husks near the first clump, and begins working on a cornstalk before wingercizing some more. At 4:47, D33 comes in for the steal, grabbing the stalk and moving it away from D32. The two eaglets begin playing tug-o-cornstalk at 4:57 – very reminiscent of their parents’ stick tango! D32 tries to get it, but D33 won’t let go! D32 finally takes it back when D32 drops it at 5:37. At 6:13, D33 nips at D32. It looks like there could be a battle – but instead, D32 settles down over the disputed cornstalk!