Friday Night Nestflix!

Whatta Day…to quote Sherri Elliott! We have some lovely videos from Decorah and Decorah North and a blog about migration. We fixed the audio (and a couple of other things) at the Flyway yesterday and seeing what looked like about 100,000 canvasback ducks got me thinking about migration. Thanks to all of you for watching, learning, and caring – and for your excitement about DM2. We were thrilled and we’re glad you are too! A special thanks to our camera operators, our video makers, and to LisaG1967 and Blossem Holland for tonight’s photos.

Blog: On Migration

Decorah Eagles

10/18/19: Early views on the skywalk, N2B I loved this video! The IR light looks wonderfully spooky and it was fun to see Mom and DM2. The video opens with Mom on the Skywalk (note her very dialated, glowing eye – the eagles do not see IR, so their irises don’t respond to it). As the sky lightens behind her, the camera operator moves in closer. At 6:58, she stretches and flies down into the nest (pause or slow the video for a very nice look at her). DM2 arrives in N2B at around 7:20 and the two work on the nest together, with DM2 appearing to give Mom a gentle nibble around 7:28. I really enjoy watching the early stages of eagle courtship, especially since the two are just getting acquainted again following DM2’s absence. He briefly digs in the nest starting around 9:11 before a very cool fly-off at 10:47 (if you look closely, you’ll see that he caught a leaf).

10/17/19: Mom & DM2, good look at his left eye This video includes some nice footage of both eagles and a great close-up of DM2 under IR light starting around 9:50.

10/17/19: Stick delivery, beautiful fly-ins and outs – DM2 delivered the first stick of the 2019/2020 season at 7:35am on October 17! This short video gives us a nice look at the fly-in and sticky decisions as one new stick leads to consideration of other sticks around the nest! The video concludes with a nice fly-out! Chickiedee’s video includes the same footage plus a tour of the fall foliage:

Decorah North Eagles

10/18/19: 3PM visit – The video opens with Mr. North in the nest. The wind is blowing and the nest is rocking, which leads to pixelated video. DNF flies in to join him around 1:36. Check 2:25 for a look at her very full crop! Look for close-ups at 8:01.