It’s Nestoration Time!

The Decorah and Decorah North Eagles have started working on their nests! At Decorah, DM2 pole vaults into N2B and does some work on N1, while both eagles deal with the unending rain. Mom supervises DM2’s work and perches in the maple, ignoring a sub-adult visitor. At the North Nest, Mr. North brings in what might be the first stick of the season and we get a beautiful look at the two of them perched together. I loved all of these videos: fall is so spectacularly beautiful at both nests and the black and white plumage of our eagles looks spectacular against the fall foliage. Thanks to our camera operators for finding such special moments, our video makers for sharing them, Laura Rose and Mocha for tonight’s pictures, and to you for watching and caring! We hope you enjoy the videos and our flashback blog on the timing of important events in an eagle’s nest!


When will our eagles lay eggs?
We often get asked about nest event timing. It seems like someone flipped a switch last week, when we went from almost no glimpses of the eagles to nestorations at N2B, N1, and DNN. This blog discusses event timing here and in Florida as it relates to light.

Decorah Eagles
October 22, 2019: DM2 on the Y-Branch

October 22, 2019: DM2 on the Y-Branch

10/22/19: DM2 pole vaulting DM2 is hard at work on N2B. He tries bringing a long, straight stick into the nest, but things don’t go as planned.

10/22/19: Work at both nests! Mocha caught this footage ( of DM2 working on N1 this morning at around 9:40am. He came in with a large piece of bark, whittled it a little bit, and carefully placed it before walking up the Y and flying away! Tulsa caught this footage of DM2 delivering sticks to N2B at around 9:30am: (note it opens with Mom’s breakfast and closes with DM2 moving sticks around).

10/21/19: Autumn leaves, SA visitor, Mom on the maple The video opens with a tour around both nests on a wet, windy day. At 4:38, the camera operator finds a visitor in the trees northwest of N2B. The visitor is obscured by leaves and distance, but appears to be developing a white head, so perhaps four’ish? After another tour, the camera operator finds an unconcerned Mom perched on the maple tree.

10/20/19: Perching in the Rain-Drying in the Sun Mom and DM2 aer perching in the rain. The sun comes out and they assume a heraldic pose, spreading their wings and feathers to dry them, and shaking off the rain!

10/19/19: Mom at Y, DM2 stick delivery, DM2 close-ups The video opens with a great look at Mom on the Y, resplendent against the fall colors. What is she watching? We find out at 1:22 as the camera switches to DM2, who is placing sticks at N1! We get a look at both of them there and on the Y. DM2 comes up for Mom’s approval at 2:35 and she goes down for a work inspection before flying away. At 4:40, we get some amazing close-ups of DM2 (it takes a bit to get the camera dialed in, so skip to 5:50 for sharper close-ups of his body and head). We get another great look at the two eagles together on the Y at around 13:35.

10/19/19: DM2 brings a fish, looks around, leaves with it. Maybe for Mom? – The fly-in starts at ten seconds (note – the vocalization is not DM2). DM2 arrives with what appears to be a trout. He stands on it and looks around. Where is Mom? What are all these starlings doing by the nest (the vocals are very fun, and include trilling, buzzing, clicking, and a couple of other unsual starling noises, plus some other birds). When she doesn’t show up, he flies off with his catch in one talon!

Decorah Eagles North
October 22, 2019: The North Eagles

October 22, 2019: The North Eagles

10/21/19: Cool Fly In With What Could Be First Stick This is a beautiful fly-in! DNF brings in a stick against the vivid green of the grass, muted colors of fall trees, and blue and white sky. She pauses on the ladder branch, eventually leaving the stick there. Did it not pass muster? The stick doesn’t fall, but overhead hazards are yet another reason to stay away from the bottom of eagle trees!

10/20/19: 8:00 visit and close-ups It’s a rainy, foggy day in the valley of the Norths. Mr. North and DNF move materials around the nest (the difference in size is quite striking!) as water beads on their backs and runs down their beaks. At about 3:34, we get some nice close-ups of the two perched together on the ladder branch (Mr. North back, DNF front). After she flies off, the video continues with some extraordinarily detailed close-ups of Mr. North, who looks stunning against the background of oak leaves, branches, and fog. It’s great to see them here again!