Saturday movie mega-roll!

Grab your favorite beverage, put your feet up, and get ready for our movie mega-roll! In Decorah, Mom supervises DM2’s work, a subadult pays a quick visit, Mom and DM2 have a Beakerson’s moment, and Mom eats a fish. At Decorah North, we get great looks at both Norths and some other inhabitants – including cows! – of the North valley. On the Flyway, pelicans take off, American Avocets forage, and an airplane photobombs some eagles! I loved all of these videos, but don’t miss Mom preening her feathers and Mom and DM2 perching together, the Beakerson’s moment (Mom doesn’t want help, DM2!), the frosty North eagles, or the amazing flight of the pelicans on the Flyway. As always, thanks to our amazing camera operators for finding such special moments, our talented videomakers for sharing them, and to you for watching, learning, and caring!

Oh, and this – it isn’t our eagles, but you might enjoy the story! Think your data charges are bad? It could be worse:

Decorah Eagles
October 25, 2019: Mom and DM2

October 25, 2019: Mom and DM2

10/26/19: Mom, DM2 nestorations The video opens with Mom enjoying a little ‘me time’ as she preens and straightens her feathers, getting each one just right! At 3:56, the camera operator shows us DM2 nestorating while Mom supervises from her perch on the Skywalk. He joins her at 12:31, flying and then walking up to perch and vocalize beside her. What did he see? She flies into the nest and he joins her for nestorations.

10/25/19: Visitor perching nearby A wary five-ish year old eagle, judging from feathers, briefly perches near N2B.

10/25/19: DM2 stickwork, Mom comes into supervise – We see another lovely sunrise in green and gold as DM2 works on N2B. The bottom of the nest already looks inviting, with a soft flufffy layer of grass and several dried leaves covering it. Mom flies in around 3:15 (look for her from the right) to supervise from the Skywalk for a little bit. She flies out and comes in again at 8:06. Mom and DM2 work side by side on nestorations, digging in the nest and loosening materials. Check 10:06 or so for a look at what appear to be frosty backs! Their feathers insulate so well that body heat doesn’t melt frost on their feathers.

10/24/19: Mom and DM2 Get A Little Testy That’s not where that stick goes! DM2 flies in – watch Mom watch him – and goes straight for a stick. Mom does not approve of his placement! A true Beakerson’s moment! This video: has some of the same footage but includes a fly-in from Mom and both eagles working on the nest. At around 4:43, Mom starts moving the contested stick from the first video…which might explain why she seemed to feel so strongly about it!

10/23/19: DM2 brings sticks to N2B, Mom brings one to N1 This video is notable both for stick work and the lovely sunrise over the eastern hills. DM2 works on N2B while Mom works on N1! The subadult is long gone, but his nest seems to have inspired Mom and DM2 to begin restoring the teen pad. While N2B remains the center of eagle activity as defined by roosting, eating, and perching, we are keeping an eye on both nests!

10/23/19: Mom With Fish&She’s Not Sharing&Hanging Out At N2B Mom enjoys a little breakfish on N2B. Take a look starting at around 2:39 for some lovely footage of Mom against the fall foliage, or start at 3:17 as she spots DM2 beginning his fly-in! He arrives with a stick clutched in his talons, but Mom doesn’t want to share her meal! He leaves (settling on the Skywalk) and Mom finishes up, feaks her beak, cleans her talons, and feaks her beak a little more!

Mississippi Flyway Cam
October 25, 2019: American Pelicans on the Flyway

October 25, 2019: American Pelicans on the Flyway

10/25/19: Eagles soaring and Airplane photobomb John sent me a still from this video. ‘Very nice!’ I said. ‘Do you see the airplane?’ he asked. I hadn’t noticed it! Enjoy the eagles soaring and see if you can spot the photobomb!

10/24/19: Stunning sunrise Just what the title says: a video for all of you who love watching the sunrise!

10/22/19: American Avocet non-breeding This is an extremely cool bird to spot here since they are considered rare in the area. Two small balck and white American Avocets (non-breeding plumage) forage near much larger pelicans on the sandbar. They plunge their bills into sand, muck, and water to scythe for aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates, small fish, and seeds.

10/21/19: Dance of the pelicans How many pelicans are in this flight? How many grains of sand are on a beach? This is absolutely spectacular footage of pelicans taking off in lines, waves, and skeins of birds. It’s a long video, but well worth watching! The movement of the pelicans is hypnotic and their sinusoidal flight pattern could almost certainly be calculated by someone better at math than I am!

Decorah North Eagles
October 26, 2019: Mr. North and DNF

October 26, 2019: Mr. North and DNF

10/25/19: Morning It’s a lovely frosty morning in the valley of the Norths! Cattle low, white breasted nuthatches peent, frost coats branches and leaves, and the Norths perch together in a tree limb, preening frosty feathers! Mr. North flies into the North nest at about 8:55 and DNF joins him for some nestorations. Side by side, they move soft materials and do a little fine-tuning on the North nest before perching together on the ladder branch. This is a beautiful and very relaxing video.

10/24/19: Breakfast The video opens with lovely scenic views of the North Valley and the Norths. At 4:12, we see DNF with breakfish on the ladder branch. She comes into the nest and we get some nice close-ups. Look for more close-ups around 17:48 and check 19:18 to see her gulp the trout’s tail down! Appetite sated, she climbs up on the ladder branch for a little postprandial cleaning. Look for spectacular close-ups of feet and feathers beginning around 21:57.

10/23/19: Mr. North and DNF and a Chase The cow cam is back! At around 1:18, the camera operator finds eagles over on the east bank of the stream. A brief chase begins! At 1:29, we see more of it – look very closely at ceter screen, to the right of the trees, to see flight across the field and towards the North nest, although no one flies into it. We look across the field at 2:48 to see two eagles – presumably the Norths – perched together on the rootball.