Nestflix: Decorah Eagles, Mom’s Eye

We’ll do a full video roundup tomorrow, but we wanted to share a couple videos from earlier today. We don’t get any close-ups of Mom’s eye, but she is keeping it open a little more than she has been and dragging DM2 all around the nest to boot! Her eye is still sore, but it isn’t discolored, visibly damaged, or leaking fluid.¬†While time will tell, we are hopeful that she is on the mend!

Decorah Eagles

1/27/20: Mom returns w/stick, tug-o-war, placement decisions As one of our forum members said: “Even with a sore eye, Mom can still drag DM2 around the nest!” Mom flies into the nest with a large, wonky stick at 1:29. She sticks the landing, only to have DM2 lunge for her prize! She holds on to it with her strong footpad and gets her beak on it, pulling DM2 behind her as she puts the stick where she wants it to go! But DM2 picks it up and moves it, bonking poor Mom in the head as he does so at 1:49. Watch the video here to get a look at Mom’s sore eye. While it is obviously still tender, it seems to be getting better and she is flying, placing sticks, and dragging DM2 around just fine! It’s great to see her!

1/27/20: DM2, then Mom to the nest Mom comes in at 9:39 – another chance to look at her eye. We don’t get close-ups, but she is opening it a little more than she has been – a very good sign!