NestFlix video round-up! Decorah, Decorah North, and Great Spirit Bluff

We have a NestFlix mega-roll from Decorah, Decorah North, and Great Spirit Bluff for everyone today! I loved all of these videos, but I especially loved Mom pulling grass, DM2 stepping on Mom’s tale while presenting his cornhusk arrangement, funny moments at the Valley of the Norths, and Mr. North’s giant stick (Mr. North is Paul Bunyan!). The tribute to Michelle brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for watching, learning, sharing, and especially for caring.

Decorah Eagles
  • Egg one is 25 days, 6 hours, 16 minutes old
  • Egg two is 22 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes old
  • Egg three is 18 days, 6 hours, 1 minute old
March 23, 2020: DM2 in Decorah

March 23, 2020: DM2 in Decorah

March 23, 2020: A look at the eggs, Mom closeups Glimpses of the eggs start at 42 seconds as Mom hovers over them, fine-tuning the egg cup and rolling the eggs to make sure they are tucked in just right! She spends the rest of the video incubating and fiddling with nest material – moving it, tucking it around her, and moving it again! I also like the stick in fron of her – we can see where the eagles pruned it, perhaps to make it a little easier to move around the nest.

March 23, 2020: Mom arranges grasses, DM2 brings husks, perches at pond Mom carried in enough grass for three nest bowls! She begins to fluff, spread, and arrange it while she incubates. At 3:14, DM2 flies in with a cornhusk arrangement, depositing it on Mom’s tail. Mom’s look speaks volumes! He flies out, carrying the cornstalk, at 4:21! We get a cool look at him at 4:44 as he peers through the limbs of the trees. (Note that we hear some of the Friday presentation at the end of the video. That was an accident).

March 23, 2020: Mom Pulls Grasses From Pasture Start the video at 40 seconds to see Mom gathering nesting material in the pasture! She grabs clumps of grass and pull until they come loose. It almost looks like she gathers more than one before getting them all together! She lifts off, flapping hard, brings her grass into N2B, and begins spreading it. DM2 flies out and Mom moves in to incubate her eggs. Listen for a Red-Winged Blackbird at 3:18.

March 20, 2020: Mom, squirrel stare down A squirrel pops up on the Skywalk branch at 16 seconds and ends up in a staring contest with Mom. Mom wins, although she is clearly perturbed by the little interloper!

Decorah North Eagles
  • Egg one is 30 days, 8 hours, 4 minutes old
  • Egg two is 27 days, 6 hours, 47 minutes old
March 23, 2020: DNF at Decorah North

March 23, 2020: DNF at Decorah North

Funny moments at the Valley of the Norths It’s a clip show! Eagle antics (and accidents) include hide and seek under Mr. North’s tail, big stick pogo, and corn stalk dress-up!

March 22, 2020: DNF tried to break branch This is a cool video! DNF tries to break a branch. She can’t quite get it, and ends up hanging upside down for a little bit – not too long – before disentangling herself and flying away!

March 22, 2020: Early morning Work starts early at the North nest! Mr. North comes in for his shift under IR light. DNF, looking a little stiff, clambers up the the babysitting branch for a little preening and some lovely eagle yoga. Although it is still quite dark, she flies out at 3:22. Mr. North settles in for incubation and a quick power nap! Color comes at at 6:42, revealing DNF in a lovely golden circle of corn husks and dried grass. We get close-ups in the seventh minute. I have no idea when the switchover happened – I’m guessing it was edited out. I enjoyed the video, though!

March 20, 2020: Mr. North brings a big stick This is a cool video! Mr. North grapples with a very large stick before lifting it off the ground. He struggles to gain lift with the large, heavy stick hanging beneath him. He pogos into the nest with it, struggling a little bit to release it from his grasp – and nearly hitting DNF! She gets up and out of the way while he grapples with the stick. He quickly settles down to incubate and we actually get a glimpse of the eggs behind the great north wall!

Great Spirit Bluff Falcons
May 17, 2019: Michelle with the first hatchling of her last clutch

May 17, 2019: Michelle with the first hatchling of her last clutch

The Fierce Michelle A lovely musical tribute to falcon Michelle. I really enjoyed reliving some of these times, especially Michelle’s incredible rescue at 2:51. Thank you to Lizzy Eaglespirit for the video. It brought tears to my eyes.