Nestflix: Fledglings!

Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that we were posting about our little ddd-darlings going from bobbleheads to sleek young predators! You already know that we had a successful fledge at both nests, but how are our fledglings doing after leaving the nest? D34, D35, D36, and DN12 are doing very well as they gain flight and hunting skills! We love to see Moms and Dads interact with and prepare their fledglings for life beyond the nest. #Family

Decorah Eagles

June 27, 2020: Fledgling perches on pole, RWBB mobbing – The power pole is protected thanks to Alliant Energy, the hatchery, and a group of people that got together and pushed for action after D12’s death. I love this video, despite the pesky Red-Winged Blackbirds – who are just protecting their own families and will defend them against things much larger than themselves (like Ken Ries). If you would like to know more about how the D12 Memorial Group helped make power poles near the hatchery safer for eagles and other birds, read this:

June 26, 2020: D36 nice landing, bounces off skywalk flying out – Flight is instinctual. Being good at it is learned!

June 25, 2020, PM: D34 and D35 close-ups – It’s hot and the nasty gnats haven’t gone away. But the eaglets have their wings and can leave at any point. It’s really nice to see them hanging out together!

June 25, 2020, 5:22 AM: Mom brings fish #2, feed 35 then 34 – We often get asked about parental care post-fledge. Do parents continue to care for their young? They do! New fledglings are not yet ready to hunt on their own, and they have a lot to learn about food, resources, and flying. Mom gives the hungry fledglings a little food to tide them over during the first hungry days of outdoor school!

Decorah North Eagles

I love Eaglespirit’s amazing chronicles of DN12’s life beyond the nest. DN12’s adventures are touching, funny, and beautiful as it explores and learns all about the world beyond the nest!

June 26, 2020: Away from Home Adventure Day 16:

June 25, 2020: Away from Home Adventure Day 15:

June 24, 2020: Away from Home Adventure Day 14:

June 23, 202: Away From Home Adventure Day 13: