What are those birds?

What are those birds? The first one is a black-bellied whistling duck, which was spotted on our Flyway Cam on Monday, August 10th! They are cavity nesters who usually form gregarious flocks of up to 1000 birds, although this one was alone. It was also far, far out of its usual range. E-Bird shows just a handful of sightings in Wisconsin!

The Flyway cam is getting busy now and we are seeing a lot of great species. You can watch that cam (and chat!) here: https://www.raptorresource.org/birdcams/flyway-cam/.

Click the images above to enlarge the range maps

The second one is a Barn Owl! While they aren’t as rare as black-bellied whistling ducks, they aren’t especially common in northern Iowa. The Iowa DNR reported 38 Barn Owl nests is documented in 26 counties in 2017, the last year I can find data for. You can briefly see its face at about 59 seconds in the video below.

If you see a rare bird on any of our cams, please let us know! We also encourage everyone to report via e-Bird. It’s fun to develop a list and provides very useful data for researchers…crowd-sourced citizen-science at its best!