As the Nest Turns: Another Nest?

Like you, we want to know what’s going on with Mom and DM2, especially after Sue and Benny Bruhling reported a new nest in the area. Amy was in Decorah on Tuesday to continue the search. She and RRP master bander Dave Kester looked for several hours but did not find another nest within a mile of N2B. They did see DM2 on the east side of hatchery rock, an adult eagle perched on top of it, and a juvenile eagle perched on the maple.

The Bruhlings shared the location of the new nest with us and John will be checking it out in more detail this week. We can’t rule out or confirm a move yet, but the nest is farther away than we would expect an alternate nest to be. Is this a new Decorah Eagles nest, or another nesting eagle pair in Decorah? We hope to know soon. Confounding things even further, DM2 brought a stick to N2B yesterday for the first time in 23 days! He and Mom perched together on the hatchery maple, aka M2, at about 9:00am Tuesday morning. Good thing we bought a larger Confusion Couch this fall!

Can’t you figure this out a little quicker?

Why is it taking so long to figure things out? We are observing locally and remotely, but we are being very careful not to spook Mom or DM2 in the process: not at N2B, not at the hatchery, and not anywhere else. Eagles and other birds of prey can be quite sensitive to disturbance early in the nesting season, which is why we do our camera work in September. Mom and DM2 are used to seeing people around the hatchery and on the bike trail, but they’ve usually maintained a buffer: nesting near bike trails, homes, and sheds, but not right over them. We will respect them by keeping our distance while monitoring their activity.

We will also respect the wishes and rights of landowners as we search. We’re in this for the long haul, which means building relationships with the property owners surrounding the hatchery. We’d love to find a new nest if there is one, but we are methodically contacting landowners and securing access in the process. We will not trespass on anyone’s property or break the law as we search.

Looking for Mom and DM2?

Looking for Mom and DM2? We respectfully ask that you do the same. Remember: if you change the behavior of the eagles or any wildlife while observing, you are too close. It’s fine to watch them from public areas, but please don’t follow them into the woods or up the stream, and don’t trespass on private property. The eagles and landowners must take top priority if we want to keep watching them here or anywhere else in the years to come. We need to be patient and keep moving forward with everyone’s well-being in mind. Rest assured that we will keep you posted on significant developments.

Missing the Mom and DM2? We are too! Fortunately, Mr. North and DNF are hard at work on the North nest. Follow this link to take a look: As a wise man once said “Trust the Eagles”. We’re doing our best!