April 1, 2021: A visitor to N2B!

Somebody stopped by the Decorah Air Branch & Breakfast on April 1 at around 8:20am. Robin Brumm writes:
“There was quite the beauty that stopped by N2B and the maple (M2) this morning. I’m guessing that it is about 3 years old. I know we all would like it be one of Mom and Dad’s offspring, but unfortunately, we will never know, because they refuse to wear name tags!”

We haven’t seen Mom or DM2 in a few days. While we don’t think that young were hatching as of February 1st, we can’t know that for sure. Even if young haven’t broken out of their shells, the last stages of hatch might keep the two closer to the nest. We’ll have a ground report soon – but in the meantime, look for more visitors as subadults and floaters (non-breeding adults) straggle back from the south. Unlike territorial breeding adults, who need to get back to their breeding grounds yesterday, non-breeders have all the time in the world to wander and explore. Welcome back, everyone! We are so happy to see you again!

If this three-year old bird were one of Mom and Dad’s offspring, it would be D29, D30, or D31. Here is a happy memory from that year…