When will DN14 fledge?

This video shows DN13 (left) and DN14 (right). DN13 fledged on June 11, at 78 days of age. When will DN14 fledge? Our little eaglet turned 82 days old on June 17, which prompted us to look at previous fledges! I’ve included sex where verified by measurements. While males fledge earlier than females on average (Brett’s study found that males averaged 77 days and females averaged 78 days) some males fledge late, as you’ll see below.

Is DN14 the latest eaglet to fledge? She is! DN14 fledged at 83 days of age. Before that, DN1, a lone eaglet who fledged from the North Nest at 83 days of age, held the record. Eaglets that fledged between 82 and 80 days of age include D1 (F), D14 (M), D22 (unknown/U), D27 (F), and D31 (U). We hope DN14 takes DN13’s flying lessons to heart and have our talons crossed for fledge! Go DN14!

What about fledge in Decorah? If hatch started in Decorah on the evening of April 4 (our earliest guess), we should see fledge between now (74 days) and next weekend. Our boots on the ground are watching!

Decorah North
  • 2016: DN1 fledged at 83 days
  • 2017: DN4 fledged at 74 days and DN5 fledged at 79 days
  • 2019: DN9 was routed from the nest by blackflies at 67 days
  • 2020: DN12 fledged at 70 days
  • 2021: DN13 fledged at 78 days and DN14 fledged at 83 days of age.
  • 2011: E1 fledged at 77 days, D1 (F) fledged at 81 days, and E3 fledged at 75 days
  • 2012: D12 and D13 fledged at 78 days and D14 (M) fledged at 80 days
  • 2014: D18 (F) fledged at 77 days, D19 fledged at 76 days, and D20 fledged at 74 days
  • 2015: D21 fledged at 79 days, D22 fledged at 80 days, and D23 fledged at 78 days
    2016: D24 (M) fledged at 74 days and D25 (M) fledged at 78 days
  • 2017: D26 fledged at 77 days, D27 (F) fledged at 81 days, and D28 fledged at 74 days.
  • 2018: D29 fledged at 72 days, D30 fludged/fell at 75 days, and D31 fledged at 80 days
  • 2019: D32 was routed from the nest at 61 days and D33 was routed from the nest at 59 days
  • 2020: D34 fledged at 74 days, D35 (F) fledged at 77 days, and D36 (M) fledged at 74 days