Avian Influenza

We are getting a lot of questions about avian influenza. Dr. Laura Johnson is writing a blog about the virus, but in the meantime, here are a few quick facts:

  • Avian flu is affecting raptors, including bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, and various species of owl. We know that a bald eagle from the Lansing, Iowa area was confirmed with it. It has also been reported in raptors in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  • Waterfowl in general and snow geese in particular have also been badly affected, with big die offs reported on the great plains and NW Minnesota. https://www.duluthnewstribune.com/news/local/avian-flu-killing-waterfowl-raptors-in-minnesota-wisconsin-dakotas
  • This virus appears to be far more lethal than the 2015 outbreak, although it is carried by migratory waterfowl, so there is still some hope that it will end quickly.
  • The Raptor Center at the University of MN is urging people to take in their feeders. I hate to see my yard birds looking for the feeder, but they don’t really need my feeders and we’re following TRC’s advice. They have an excellent Facebook post here: https://www.facebook.com/42566849655/posts/10160127091759656/