DN15 has fledged!

DN15 celebrated its 77th day of life with a fledge this morning at 8:51 AM! It was a classic fledge with seemingly no hesitancy or fear at all – just a lovely lift-off from the nest and flight that curved over the field and to the north. Sibling DN16 appeared to be expressing astonishment and perhaps some confusion as it got to its feet and vocalized in the wake of DN15’s sudden absence from the nest.

For the next 30 days or so, DN15 will be gaining its wings as it learns about about soaring, chasing, navigating, hunting, and stealing food on the wing! The north nest nursery will become a busy eagleport as the tree-riffic two practice their touch-and-go landings and take offs, chase one another and their parents, and fill the sky with the squees and calls. While we are sad to see DN15 go, it is embarking on the biggest adventure of its life, and we wish it the very best. In the words of eagle watcher Lang Carlene, sail on, beautiful sky mariner!