Happy Independence Day!

Decorah Trout Hatchery Mom looks so beautiful! Welcome, Hatchery Mom (HM) and Hatchery Dad (HD). On July 4th of 1776, the Declaration of Independence was ratified by Congress. Six years later, on June 20 1782, Congress chose the Bald Eagle as the emblem of the United States of America because of its long life, great strength, majestic appearance, and presence in Roman symbology.

We are so happy to see HM and HD, so happy to watch eagles here again, and thrilled that our 4th starter nest has been adopted by eagles! Happy Independence Day to all of our followers around the world. From every mountaintop, river bottom, prairie vista, city park, suburb, garden, balcony, from every cliff, from every phone, from every computer, from where ever you are watching, learning, caring, and sharing, let freedom ring! May you have a heavenly day, now and forever: https://youtu.be/kWzuLAHnGBQ.