August 26, 2022: Robin sees Mom Decorah on her Day Trip!

Story and photos by Robin Brumm

I wanted to head to Decorah and Friday looked like the best weather day, so I got up at dark o’clock and got ready. Unfortunately, I had to leave about an hour later because of the fog, but finally I was able to head out. I saw DM2 the last time I was there, but haven’t seen Mom the last few times, so I was hoping she would be around this time. I have to admit I was a little worried about her!

August 26, 2022: Mom near N3

August 26, 2022: Mom near N3

When I got to Decorah, I tried to drive through the hatchery area, but they were seal coating the road. It must have been a sign that I should go to the N3 area first, so I drove over that way and grabbed my camera, binoculars, and lawn chair and headed down the trail. You can’t see any of the N3 area until you get all the way down the trail, so I was hopeful as I walked down the trail. When I got there, I looked through my binoculars at all the favorite perch spots, but didn’t see anybirdy.. I decided to go down to the corner where I could see from a different angle. I walked down a little ways and looked to the left. There was an eagle perched on a branch of a tree! I looked through my binoculars… hmmm, was that Mom or was it DM2? It was not a spot I had ever seen them perch before. I waited for the eagle to turn its head to see if there was Mom’s famous “eyeshadow” behind her eye. I gasped a little bit and said,” Mom, is that you?” I took a photo and zoomed in.. it WAS her!! Hello Mom! I took a few pictures and then she turned around and flew down and off. I think she might have spotted a nice fish for breakfish. I’m not sure where she went but she was out of sight for almost an hour and then she flew up from a low spot, circled around above the trees and flew off toward the south west.

August 26, 2022: Mom near N3

August 26, 2022: Another picture of Mom

I waited for a little while and decided to drive through the hatchery area to see if the new hatchery pair were around. I drove up to the corner, and looked up toward the maple. It seems a little strange to not see somebirdy sitting on the maple tree when you drive up. I’m hoping eventually the new pair will be comfortable enough to start perching there. I looked all over the area and didn’t see HD (Hatchery Dad) or HM (Hatchery Mom). I was going to walk down the trail near the farm to see if they were down that direction, but I needed to get home, so that will have to wait until next time.

As I was driving home I wondered if Mom and DM2 were building, or had picked a new spot for their nest yet. Back in 2012, they started building N2 in October, so they may not have started anything yet. I hope they build a nest where we can see them, but I may have to be content with just knowing they are both okay and doing their eagle thing!

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