HM Lays Egg #2!

HM laid her second egg on February 28 at 4:38 PM. Is she a two-egg layer or a three-egg layer? We’ll find out about four days from now. Based on what we know, we’re looking for hatch on about April 5th…although hatch is a process and pip will begin a couple of days earlier.

At this point, we’ve seen a lot of eagles lay eggs, but HM had the quickest egg-labor I’ve ever seen! Our camera operators noted that she seemed restless at around 4:03 PM. At 4:37 PM, she experienced contractions, although she remained laying down and the contractions were not as deep as we saw with her first egg. She appeared to lay the egg a minute or two after the contractions began and did not experience, that we could tell, egg lethargy post lay. Congratulations to the happy eagle couple!