April 3, 2023: Pip pip hooray…hatch is almost here!

Pip pip hooray! Our eagle-eyed volunteers spotted a little starring on one of the eggs at around 6:53 this evening. Is it on the blunt side of the egg? Check! Are we on hatch watch? Check! And does the egg appear to jump or rock a little bit? It does. It has been eleven years since we watched eaglets hatch in this nest, but DH1 is on its way!


April 3, 2023: Pip in Decorah! https://youtu.be/QPq7pgqI9cw. Look for rocking at about 19 seconds: a quick but definite change in the egg’s position that indicates an active, healthy hatchling!
April 3, 2023: We have a pip! https://youtu.be/CBRRVfsewgw. This video gives us a wonderful close-up of the eggs at 5:42.