April 7, 2023: Three feedings for DH2!

If – like me! – you spent much of today imploring HM and HD to feed their eaglet, you’ll be happy to know that HM fed DH2 three times today so far! It was wonderful to watch her go from:

  • Dropping a whole fish on a nestling.
  • Carving up the fish but eating the bites herself.
  • Trying to put fish tidbits into DH2’s mouth, but mostly missing.
  • Successfully feeding DH2! Our camera operators reported a nice poop shoot at around 4:04 PM today: an excellent sign that DH2 is healthy and doing well! Are we out of the woods yet? No, but a good PS is a very hopeful sign!

I intended to write a Q&A post today, but instead spent most of my time sitting in front of a screen and demanding that HD and HM feed their eaglet. And – not that they were listening to any of us! – they got better very quickly. This video shows feeding number two.

If you’d like to see how much they improved between feeding number one – in which they really started to dialing feeding in! – and feeding number two, check out Tulsa’s video below.

Thanks so much for watching, sharing, learning, and especially for caring! A huge shout-out to our volunteer moderators and camera operators for being here for us, and everyone else, through some very difficult ups and downs. You all rock!