August 6, 2023: Cam Shutdown Announcement

What a season 2023 was! We cheered HM, HD, and DH2; celebrated and mourned at Great Spirit Bluff; crossed our fingers for the Decorah North eagles (if one eagle could have incubated an egg all by himself, Mr. North would have done it); and were enthralled by the beautiful birds, turtles, flowers, frogs, and sunrises and sunsets on the Flyway. But the end of the summer is almost here and we need to take our usual fall break for cam maintenance and replacement!

We are shutting the Decorah and Decorah north cams down at 5:00 pm CDT on Wednesday, August 16. Come join us for a last 2023 chat on the Decorah nest from from 3 pm to 5 pm nest time ( and mark your calendars for Saturday, October 14th – the day we turn both cameras back on!

Between now and the 16th, we’ll be taking a few strolls down memory lane, thanking some contributors, and sharing fan art and videos. Tonight’s video was created by Marilyn Mitchell. If you have videos, images, or art celebrating the Decorah Eagles, Decorah North Eagles, GSB Falcons, or the Flyway, please send it my way!