March 11, 2024: Two Canada Goose eggs in N1!

We have a twist! Two geese – presumably the same pair that HM has been trying to evict! – laid an egg in N1 on Saturday night, followed up by a second late this afternoon. We don’t know whether we’ll get another goose couple in N2B, whether these geese previously nested in N2B, or whether HM will keep paying attention to N1, especially since she is most likely incubating her own eggs at this point.

It will take about a month for the eggs to begin hatching, so we’re looking at April 9th or 10th for hatch, with the Leap of Faith to follow 24-48 hours after hatch starts! We’ll keep everyone posted!

March 9, 2024: Goose Lays an Egg at the old Decorah Eagle Nest

March 11, 2024: Goose Egg #2

Note that if you check the nest right now, the geese might not be on it and you might not see the egg! Geese are very good at concealing their eggs and she isn’t in full incubation yet. Live link: